The Dreamers







Our Story

Kricket, Cayenne and Concho met in May of 2018 at the Kerrville Folk Festival. Cayenne and Concho were first time vendors at the festival. Kricket was the vendor coordinator as well as a returning vendor. Kricket's booth was located directly across from Cayenne's Frilly Pepper booth, and over the 18 days of the festival they got to know eachother and became friends. Cayenne even made a comment about how she wouldn't trust many people to be in business with, but made it known that one day the three of them would become business partners.

9 months later Cayenne and Concho invited Kricket to their East Texas home for the weekend. This invitation came with a warning that Kricket would end up moving to East Texas. 

Kricket was not even in town a full 24 hours when a joke turned into a vision that quickly became a mutual dream. Here they are just a couple weeks later with this neato website and a business partnership that was made for sucess.

Please come and join them in this awesome Experince!